Company that can collectively produce a prototype & sample products production [INAC]


Business Line
Project & Design
Make the image
We will put your idea into a virtual image using CAD and quickly materialize it into an actual prototype.
Prototype Processing
Close to the product
3D precision cutting of resin and nonferrous metals Our FF/eye CAD/CAM can cope with fine shaped products of a massive volume of data, which a middle class CAD/CAM cannot cope with.
We provide you service with the high-end CAD/CAM.
High transparency acrylic cutting 3D
High precision size reproduction
High-precision 3D acrylic cutting
Direct machining of this method (polishing unnecessary) can realize high-accuracy dimensions of products --- optimal engineering method for lens cut shapes and the like which cannot be polished.
Only air is used for cutting without using coolant, so we can correspond with chemicals and the like which chemically change.
Secondary treatment process
Paint and plating
Resin paint (solid, clear, metallic, pearl, etc.), please consult
Resin plating (gold, chrome, vapor deposition plating), foil stamping, laser peel, ink-jet
Mass-produced product
From cover to cover
We plan and design to manufacture a prototype in a short period. We utilize the expertise gained from the prototype for mass production. Our factory in China mass-produces high-quality attractive products utilizing the characteristics of the factory in China.


Measurement request
Inexpensive measurement
We measure the products with two contact type Coordinate measuring machines. We are not a measurement professional,
so measurement fee can be comparatively inexpensive. Feel free to ask us for any malfunction, investigation, quality, etc. even other company’s product.
Other facilities
  • Vacuum injection molding

    This method suits silicon molding of small amount production (up to 20 moldings). Please ask us for quick delivery.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    We can correspond with transparency, powder, polypropylene equivalence, sheet lamination, and full-collar 3D printers. 
    If data is given from you, we can mold more quickly. This is an optimal engineering method for making a sample product 
    for your verification before making a test product.

  • Various fixtures & tools

    設We help you manufacture fixtures and tools from the design stage. We proceed with designing together with you based 
    on the product data given from you. 
    The design made by the design CAD ensures easy verification. Our quick arrangement in house ensures quick delivery 
    with our “One Stop Service.”

  • Machining metals

    We also welcome any amount of cutting, grinding, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.

  • Processing sheet metals

    We also welcome any amount of laser processing, bending, squeezing, turret punch pressing, etc.

Quick delivery by One Stop Service

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