Company that can collectively produce a prototype & sample products production [INAC]


Product model production example
Introduction process


We propose an optimal engineering method as an "engineering sales" for your merits, considering QCD. Leave everything to us from "planning - trial production − small-amount mass production - surface treatment." Just order us, “Get everything ready for our quick assembly.” We look forward to such an order. We resolve all by our sales engineering.

2.Design & Engineering

Personnel with expertise in industrial design and mechanical design are enrolled, respectively. You can proceed with the design of the products developed by dense each other to exchange ideas with each other as a specialized field. Mechanism design with "Solid Works" CG for presentation "" modeling "" Create "Illustrations" I think I would like you take advantage of our all-in-one package for our company as your product development tools.


The CAD/CAM creates tool paths for a machining center to machine workpieces --- optimal perfect high-quality high-efficiency paths satisfied by you. This is a brain process prepared by our experiences and engineering power.

4.Machining by machining centers

We use all sorts of controlled machines, cutters, engineers’ experiences, engineering power, inquiring minds, and facilities to manufacture optimal products. Our artisan spirit never fails in inspection in each process and never flows a failure to the next process.

5.3D printer

Components that are output in our 3D printer is a product which was characterized by high-quality prototype.
Products from the attitude of the product lamination to the table, support, quality is determined by many factors, such as UV drying conditions.
We will finish it to the high quality using a wealth of knowledge.
It also does the correspondence to paint or vapor deposition plating.

6.Vacuum casting

We are high-quality "colored cast, transparent casting" by the accumulation of rich vacuum casting experience product is capable of production.
Short delivery time to our 3D printer with a combination of the master is also possible.
Design changes and material change is also possible to cope.
There are ready to propose a lot of material.


Machined pieces are deburred, polished, assembled, gassed, and so on. Especially, polishing requires us a lot of time, so we always concentrate in every work with our original developed engineering method + efficiency. In addition, this finishing is the final process in machining for producing a quality product.


Our dedicated painting specialists assure high-quality painting. Uncompromising color matching, masking, painting, and drying --- each of these effects painting quality. The painting specialists with top engineering power ensure deliveries of quality products.

9.Vacuum deposition planting

Vacuum deposition plating Company has always pursued a high-quality finish.
Elements giving surface treatment, work environment, working conditions, such as equipment maintenance, the quality is great.
We deliver uncompromised product by craftsman who are familiar with the equipment and methods.

10.Final inspection

The final inspection department independent from other departments and sections gives uncompromising judgments based on the independent system, always for customers’ merits, using two Coordinate measuring machines. 
We periodically inspect measuring machines in house and by external professionals for production of high-quality products in every process including start-up inspection and manufacturing and improve our engineering performance.


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