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Thank you for visiting our Internet website of INAC CO.,LTD.. Our company was established in Okazaki City in Mikawa district in March 1997 for designing, manufacturing, and sales of various resins and working models.

We receive your order in a batch (support for development - manufacturing prototypes - mass production) based on our company’s core competence "One Stop Service" and deliver our high-quality products in a short period of time. In addition, we handle a wide range of products from screws to shafts and are reputed as a “Convenience store for manufacturing things". We also uniquely invest to China to correspond to requirements from worldwide customers. Customers do not have to worry about materials, engineering methods, designs, 3D data, plating, paintings, inspection tools, fixtures, assembly, and so on. Our "One Stop Service" helps you save useless work to shorten delivery time. Asks us for anything you want to make. Only image is OK. We will materialize your idea into an actual product.

Business Line

Planning/designing based on your required concepts 3D models, CG, rendering

Mock-up / Working model Precision machining and additional machining of resin, iron and nonferrous metals
Rapid prototyping
Transparent, powder, PP equivalent, sheet lamination, full-color 3D printer, available.
If it is possible your data is the most fast and adaptable method.
This method is ideal as a sample product for review prior to trial.
Acrylic high transparency 3D precision machining
Not polished. High precision dimensions can be reproduced remains of machine processing.
This construction method lens cut shape, etc., is ideal for shape, and the like can not be polished.
Vacuum casting, metal processing, sheet metal processing and various jigs production

We will conduct the process in a clean environment, so we promise high-quality secondary treatment.
Aluminum vacuum deposition plating
Half, masking, laser peel, Color Top
Painting and resin plating
Toning, solid, masking, gradients, etc.

Coordinate measuring machine, the measurement using the universal instrument


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