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INAC [Tokyo Sales Office]

We opened a business office 2 minutes on foot from Nippori Station.
We will improve the response to customers in the Kanto area and make arrangements at "FACE to FACE".
We will propose to match your needs.

Taking advantage of the achievements and knowledge accumulated for 20 years in the city of manufacturing = Tokai area. We will accurately catch the needs of customers in the Kanto area to develop new products, think together, and propose the best and optimal construction method.
We are confident in the speed of response and flexible and precise response.
Please feel free to ask !

Location 2-17-10 Nishi-Niigori Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Access Kikuya Building 8F
Postal code:116-0013 

By train:
Nippori Terrier Liner "Nippori" station 1 min. Walk / JR line "Nippori" station 2 minutes on foot / 
Keisei main line "Nippori" station 2 minutes on foot
TEL +81-3-6458-3511 FAX +81-3-6458-3566
Sales manager Masahiko Senda
Director Biography

Tokyo Sales OfficeTEL : +81-3-6458-3511

Tokyo Sales Office | Sales manager
Masahiko Senda




Glasses   ■

Kyoto dialect

A salesperson with a high level of work who was appointed director of the Tokyo office of INAC CO.,LTD..
It is highly appreciated for the ability to read the needs of customers and the ability to make shapes to make it, and it is left to develop the Tokyo area.
Evaluation from customers is also high as prompt response and flexible correspondence are exactly professional.
Charm points are fashionable glasses.
With a refreshing appearance you can unravel even people who first meet.

I am engaged in sales activities based in Tokyo sales office.
I am researching ideas that I can suggest everyday so that I can help you in product development and product development.
I will help you start hit products!

23-1, Yoji, Ohnishi-cho, Okazaki, Aichi-pref, 444-0811, Japan
Tel: +81-564-27-1855 Fax: +81-564-27-1856

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